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                                                             Contract  Agreement Of Regional Distributor

Party A:Xiamen YHT Co.,Ltd

Party B:                  

Both parties agree to sign this agreement in the principle of friendly cooperation,good faith, mutual benefits and longtime win-win.

1.Party A authorize Party B as the distributor in of Canvas and stretcher bars,to enjoy the qualification of exclusive distributor in this area and organize the legal activities to sale Party A’s products in its local market.

2.All business activities on both parties must be legal,both sides need to do honest service for all customers and should take the responsibility for its own operational risks and legal behaviors.

3.Party B must purchase the goods over than US$________. with party A after signing this agreement .Party A authorize Party B as the exclusive distributor in the area and has the obligation to protect the legitimate rights of Party B and prevent other distributors from saling the products of Party A in this area.

4.Party B must comply with unified business policies of Party A , strictly enforce the quotation system and regional administration stipulated by Party A, and to preserve Party A’s own intellectual property and intangible assets.

5.After the contract agreement being effective,Party B should achieve the sales target at least US$_________ within 6 months from the date of first purchase,if not ,the qualification of exclusive distributor will be canceled automatically.In first year, Party B should achieve the annual sales target of at least US$__________,then have the priority to renew second-year’s distributor agreement .Party A will give 2% of annual total purchasing quantities as year-end rebate incentives when Party B can come ture the annual sales target,the excess part will be calculated at 4% rebate.

6.Rights and Obligations of Both Parties:

①Party A will publish the name,address,telephone number and mail address of Party B on its website.Both parties will together carry out the publicity and promotion effectively in the distributor area .Party A will share 50% of the advertising expense in this region,the highest will not exceed 1% of Party B’s sales.

②Party B have the obligation to offer party A timely feedback for market development, products and customer demands.

③Party A reserve the rights to adjust the specification and market price of the products. If there has any changes,Party A must notify party B within 15 days before the new size and new price becoming effective。

④Party A should supply party B the quality products,if there has quality problems by damage of non-artificial and non incorrect use,then Party A has the duty to exchange the goods or settle the issue with other methods.

⑤Party A have the obligation to ensure the sufficient supplies, and offering prior supply to Party B in peak period.

7. Price ,Transportation and Payment:

①It will be going according to both parties agreed ways

    Party A:                                                                                  Party B:                           

    Representative Signature:                                                      Representative Signature:            

   Date :     (D)     (M)      (Y)